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LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World) presents AFOL Rebrick!

Rebrick : | riːˈbrɪk |v
term referring to the act of using 85% or more bricks of an existing set to construct a different build

We challenged three Singaporean Adult Fans of LEGO® to think outside the box, to use 85% or more bricks of the LEGO® sets such as the LEGO® 21042 Statue of Liberty, LEGO® 60200 Capital City, and LEGO® 76108 Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown and to create something entirely different!

3 AFOL's, 1 set each, a pinch of creativity  and...



Angeline Teo

Drawing inspiration from the sheer number of vehicles available in the LEGO® ranges,  Angeline used the LEGO® City 60200 Capital City set to create the LEGO® Car Garage, the first City based Garage since 2012!

  • Garage structure:
    • walls from the Hotel façade
    • hook from the Crane
    • ramp from the Skate Ramp used to display tire rims
    • chairs from the Double Decker bus
  • Tow Truck
    • structure from the Double Decker bus
  • Café:
    • windows from the Museum,
    • umbrella and food from the Ice Cream truck,
    • façade and food from the kiosk,
    • chairs from the Double Decker Bus





Tan Kok Mun

Starting with the challenge of a limited colour scheme within LEGO® 21042 Statue of Liberty, Kok Mun looked to Jade as inspiration.  Checking through images he hit on the idea of Imperial Dragons as not only did they match the colours, they are also present outside Ngee Ann City, the location of LEGO® Certified Stores (Bricks World)'s first ever store in Singapore.  And so the Fu Lion Statues were born.

  • Pedestal
    • structure from the Statue of Liberty Pedestal
  • Statue
    • structure from the Statue of Liberty
    • lion collars using Statue of Liberty’s shackles
  • Landmark
    • structure from the Statue of Liberty Pedestal
    • eternal flame from Statue of Liberty’s torch




Dr Yuen Siu Mun

An avid fan of Modular buildings, Dr Yuen is well known amongst the AFOL community for his passion for building.  The Avengers' Secret Hideout was inspired by a love of architectural bricks and a desire to see how feasible it is to turn buildings 'inside out' by using bricks originally meant for interiors as frontage.

From LEGO 76108 Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown

  • Façade
    • restructured using Sanctum Sanctorum façade
    • secret stash using Sanctum Sanctorum decorated window
  • Interior
    • fire place from Sanctum Sanctorum walls
    • masonry pizza oven from Sanctum Sanctorum water tank


Check out our exclusive exhibit to see these amazing creations by three Singaporean Adult Fan of LEGO® at our LEGO® Certified Store (Bricks World) ION Orchard!

Challenge yourself to build without instructions and #LegGodt #PlayWell !

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