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With the Singapore Grand Prix about to start all we’re thinking about is cars, cars, cars.  The Fast, The Furious and the Physics!

Who cares if you can’t afford the real thing, with these LEGO models you can still take a ride in the fast lane. 

Whether you’re in to racing, rallying, classic, superhero or family there’s a LEGO car for you.

Starting with the most recent and the most epic LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron.  From the commune of Molsheim, a small place in North East France, came the world’s most wanted SuperCar.   Built ‘to bend physics to breaking point’ the Bugatti brand DNA has been painstakingly reconstructed in LEGO form.  From the W16 engine to the aviation tested wheels and stylish overnight bag, no detail was too small.  


And just when you thought the brick boundaries could go no further the LEGO team built a life size version and made it move.  Watch it here.

But, of course the Bugatti wasn’t the first life sized moveable LEGO car.  That honour goes to a LEGO hot rod built by a Romanian and an Australian over 20 months using over half a million bricks.  Watch here

That car shares the same colour scheme as the Caterham 7.  Another fan built car, though this time on a smaller scale and the 14th project to come from the LEGO Ideas portal.  The car, designed by a guy who has now landed a job as an actual LEGO Designer, includes lots of hidden surprises such as the ventilated disk brakes and a whip for wiring.  This attention to detail is also mirrored on the exterior of the car which includes an unusual number of printed pieces.  A super lightweight sports car it’s a classic.


Speaking of which LEGO sets have also covered 2 other major classics of motoring, the Mini Cooper and Volkswagen Beetle.   The Mini Cooper, with it’s classic colour scheme and racing stripes, is pure vintage.  A fact also reflected in the stylish picnic blanket and bag.  Reminiscent of summers days spent in the countryside the Mini Cooper is quintessential class.



The Volkswagen Beetle takes the nostalgic summer fun to younger, hipper audience.  The heady days of 1960’s freedom are captured in its sassy curves, colour scheme and distinctive hub caps.   So what are you waiting for, head to the beach and build your very own love bug!

If your idea of fun is less nostalgia and more speedster then the LEGO Technic Rally Car is for you.  With its core engine block, red roll cage, steering mechanism and independent suspension this car is a great intro to the engineering behind car chassis design.   The car also has a working V6 in the back, powered by the back wheels.  To kick the excitement up a notch this is also a classic 2 in 1 design, with model B being a great off roading buggy.

From rally driving to Grand Prix and back again, the LEGO Speed Champions range has been bringing us racing cars for some time now.   The usual suspects include Porsche and Ferrari for all the budding F1 drivers out there.   There’s even a Ferrari garage so you can tune your cars between races.  For fans of classic and rally the range includes the iconic 50 year old Ford Mustang and the classic rally Ford Fiesta.




And you can’t get much more classic than the 1964 replica LEGO Creator Aston Martin DB5.   Loaded with classic details such as a working ejector seat, revolving license plate and door compartment with telephone this is a definite adult car ‘for your eyes only’. The only disadvantage is that it is too small to drive.


Speaking of driving we get to the LEGO Technic Porsche GT3 RS.  Less of a toy, more of a masterpiece the design engineering and graphic design detail the set comes complete with booklet detailing the process from start to finish.  The detail is such that the glove compartment also features a unique serial number.  Unlike other sets this model is more about artwork than engineering but that said it still includes a flat 6 engine with moving pistons.

So, finishing up, whether you’re a petrolhead or more of a summer lane Sunday driver, a racing driver, vintage enthusiast or an engineer there’s something amongst LEGO cars for everyone.   Which one(s) are your collectors items?