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LEGO® FIGURE OF THE MONTH August 2020 | Super Mario™

Meet LEGO® Mario!

He's fun, expressive and reactive! With a built-in LCD screen, accelerometer, gyroscope and color sensor, get ready to unlock a variety of fun and engaging reactions as you flip, jump, and slide with LEGO® Mario™.


Exclusively available in the LEGO® Mario™ Adventures with Mario™ Starter Course (71360) - RRP $84.90



LEGO® Mario™ has a color sensor under his feet, so he knows what he’s standing on, or jumping on! Slide through the bricks to see his many reactions.



Playing LEGO® Super Mario™ sounds just like it did when we were kids, with LEGO Mario’s built-in speaker that plays the music and SFX you know and love, including his reactions to the things he encounters, plus cool sound bites like: “LEGO Mario time!”



Mario’s never out of touch with his Bluetooth™ connection, activated by a switch on his back. It connects him to the app, so after playing a level, you can see the challenges he faced, the enemies he defeated, and how many coins he collected.



LEGO® Mario® has a super cool built-in motion sensor that knows where he is, and what position he’s gotten himself into – whether he’s doing a low or high jump to collect extra coins, smashing down, sliding side to side, standing up, lying down or going round in circles!



Heat up the gaming action -give LEGO® Mario™ the ability to throw fireballs at his enemies.

LEGO® Fire Mario Power-Up Pack (71370)
RRP $14.90

Dial up the aerial gameplay - gives LEGO® Mario™ extra coin-collection ability by performing cool airborne tricks.

LEGO® Propeller Mario Power-Up Pack (71371)
RRP $14.90

Wearing this suit gives LEGO® Mario™ the special power to walk up walls and collect coins. It's the purr-fect way to have even more fun! He even makes cat-like sounds when he wears this suit.

LEGO® Cat Mario Power-Up Pack (71372)
RRP $14.90

Wearing this suit, LEGO® Mario™ can collect digital coins by jumping up and coming smashing down on LEGO bricks in the course players have created.

LEGO® Builder Mario Power-Up Pack (71373)
RRP $14.90



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