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LEGO® MINIFIGURE OF THE MONTH May 2020 | Monkey King and Monkie Kid

Journey to the West Reimagined

The latest LEGO® Monkie Kid™ series is inspired by the characters from the 500-year old Chinese legend, the Heroes and Demons of Journey to the West. The 16th century tale is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. 

Meet the main cast...

Monkey King - The Guardian

Centuries ago, the wise king vanished on his magical cloud. Or maybe he just transformed himself into one of his 72 known forms? Either way, now he's back and ready to train a new generation of demon fighters.

Let's take a closer look at his latest LEGO Minifigure form. Monkey King made his debut in LEGO® 71025 Series 19 Collectible Minifiguresthis evolved version of Monkey King dons a more elegant armour. His breastplate and staff hilt are both drum lacquered (gold-painted). His whole armour suit is more intricately-detailed with a laced vest padded providing an extra layer of protection in gold and dual-molded legs with an elegant belt, shiny gold buckle, leg armour, and gold lined boots. To help add more role-play options, his face comes with an alternate expression thus one side is the fierce action-ready emotion while the other side shows his wacky expression.


MK/Monkie Kid - The Apprentice

When MK, or Monkie Kid™, isn't delivering the BEST noodles in town for his friend Pigsy's Noodle Shop, playing video games or collecting cool Monkey King keepsakes, he fights ancient demons with his friends.

Being the main character of this series, Monkie Kid's minifigure is available in all sets. He has two outfits - casual and work wear.

His casual outfit shows his cool fashion sense with an orange jacket printed with the Monkey King showing how big a fan he is. But what really stands out is his dual-moulded hair and headband combo, a new LEGO element. 

MK's work outfit has him wearing a white Pigsy's Noodle Shop uniform complete with shop logo and small details like a pocket with a red pen, a stain and disheveled look!


Monkie Kid™ - The Story

Centuries ago, the beloved Chinese Monkey King used his magical staff to capture and trap the evil Demon Bull King deep inside a mountain.

Flash-forward to modern-day China, when fate leads MK (aka Monkie Kid), a young noodle shop delivery boy, to find the long-lost staff. Soon, MK and his best friends find themselves entangled in adventures packed full of action, mystery, imagination and magic.

LEGO® Monkie Kid™ is a new legend in his own right, a normal kid who meets his idol and discovers what it takes to be a modern-day hero: someone who believes in you, the courage to act on your values, even if you sometimes make mistakes, imagination, and lots of practice! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to have friends with sausage-shooting weapons and cool vehicles, of course.

Awaken the hero in you with the latest LEGO® Monkie Kid™ sets RRP from $49.90