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As a tribute to Kirby Morrow, we've chosen LEGO NINJAGO's Cole as our Minifigure of the Month.

The latest season, LEGO NINJAGO Prime Empire explores a dangerous video game whose players start vanishing without a trace. The ninjas must then compete in adventures and difficult game worlds to win all three Key-tanas to reach the final level to be able to beat the evil Unagami.

The end-game level can be recreated using the LEGO NINJAGO Empire Temple of Madness (71712) where we can see our favourite ninjas all decked out as their game avatars.

Cole has a digital version of his black ninja outfit with stunning metallic details and white highlights. In the beginning, he has his normal face but once he transforms to his game mode, his face changes into his avatar.

Photo by: Jangbricks
As with any game, the ninjas only have a limited life indicated by the life bar which we can see recreated in LEGO brick form attached to Cole's back.

Photo by: Jangbricks

In Prime Empire, the ninjas game controller can summon different weapons at will. Here we can see Cole's Prime Controller as a scythe.


Photo by: Jangbricks

Cole has his two katanas which he can also use in the game but they are not as powerful as the weapons he can conjure using his Prime Controller.

We hope that Kirby's legacy will live on through fans who enjoyed his work on the LEGO NINJAGO series.

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