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LEGO® MINIFIGURE OF THE MONTH June 2021 | Prince Kalmaar, Ruler of the Endless Sea

In the latest season of the LEGO Ninjago animated series, Seabound, the ninjas journey deep beneath the sea to explore the mystery of Nya's elemental power and what's causing the disruptions to it.

Master Wu shares that the power of wind and water was once controlled by the storm spirit, Wojira, who fell asleep into deep slumber after a warrior pried of one of her amulet from her forehead.

Thus, the ninjas take the Hydro Bounty in the search for answers. But something else greeted them instead...

Meet Prince Kalmaar

"I am Prince Kalmaar. Son of Trimaar. Heir to the throne of Merlopia. Rightful ruler of the Endless Sea. And I assure you, not someone to be trifled with."

Unlike his compassionate father, Prince Kalmaar harbours deep hatred towards surface dwellers. On his quest for power, he became obssessed with re-awaken the serpent, Wojira. This is where he crossed paths with our favourite ninjas and find out whether Kalmaar succeeds or fails with his plans of world domination.


LEGO Minifigure

The character is making waves with his great villain strength in the new series along with a brilliant replication of his LEGO Minifigure form.

Amazing details fill his body from head-to-toe which make his minifigure a truly unique piece. His head has five growths connected by translucent blue membranes and reptile eyes much like his animated character. He has small tentacles around his mouth that resemble a short mustache.

His chest and abdomen are bright blue with marked abdominal muscles and he has tentacles instead of legs. Behind him is a shell uncovered by an unbuttoned purple vest with pale pink and blue trim and two chest pockets. He also has a gold belt around his waist with several gold chains topped by a sharp formation. He has the same chains on his chest, as well as gold gloves. 

His mighty trident completes his look and prepares him for battle.


Journey under the sea for an all-action battle aboard the Hydro Bounty!