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LEGO® MINIFIGURE OF THE MONTH July 2020 | Princess Iron Fan

Journey to the West Reimagined

Learn about a 500-year old Chinese legend with LEGO® Monkie Kid™ sets.

Behind the Lore

Image Source: ChinaDiveInstitute

Princess Iron Fan is a character in the novel and screen adaptations of Journey to the West. She is a beautiful female demon living in an underground cave. Contrary to her name, her fan is actually a magical Banana Leaf that lets her create giant whirlwinds.


Meet Princess Iron Fan

Wife of the Demon Bull King, mother to Red Son. She can summon massive tornadoes to knock down whatever comes between her and her evil plans.

Her whole attire is lavish and inspired by traditional Asian Imperial Style. Her hair piece features a gold plate, braids and bun but also the added horns as she is the wife of the Demon Bull King. You can find a gold jewelry on her face print much like the live action portrayal of the character above.
She has an intricate dress that shows off her grandeur and has a few nods to the Demon Bull King. While her weapon is remade using a LEGO Golden Harpoon element and a gold foil with a demon bull entity symbol.

Image Source: Brickset
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