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Make art using LEGO Bricks | LEGO Portraiture

The visual culture of the age of selfies is a testament to the evolution of self-expression. It allows us to show our appreciation and love of oneself. Self-portraiture has had a long history of creative minds turning it into art form. These creative LEGO fans now show us how we can build our own portraits using our beloved brick!


LEGO Brick Sketches by Chris McVeigh

What are LEGO Brick Sketches?
Started in 2013, it's the brainchild of the avid LEGO fan turned designer. Each set is a 2D illustration of a popular character that you can hang on the wall or display on a surface. Not only does it look great but it is also made using a unique method which is like making a decoupage. The DNA of this art is a 12x16 baseplate, a bit of coloured background, and a front-facing portrait.
Browse his entire gallery full of iconic characters:
If you wish to buy one, then you're in luck! We have released a set of popular heroes and villains. 

The Game of Art by Marco Sodano

Pixelated renderings using LEGO bricks of classical paintings such as Mona Lisa, Girl with a Pearl Earring, American Gothic and many more.
You can see some of his work below and you can find more on his webpage: https://marcosodano.com

Mosaic Art by You

Turn your photos into unique, memorable, personalised mosaic art that you can build. You choose when, where and how.. Create on the go!
It all starts with a click! Download the FREE Mosaic Art Creator App and follow the 4 easy steps to design your masterpics.
1. Design your own art by choosing from your photo archive
2. Create a unique design using the 3 Different renders of your image
3. Get the bundle to build your masterpiece
4. Display and add style to your home


Try the app for free!

Gift it or treat yourself to a wall décor you'll love!

We hope this inspire you to get your creative juices going! Turn your favourite slice of pop culture into artworks using LEGO bricks. It sure is a fun way to decorate and show off your style.


Enjoy making the most of your LEGO sets and having endless hours of fun!

"Recyclable, re-useable, sustainable.  With LEGO bricks you can build a new toy every day."