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LEGO Singapore's Build to Give Initiative

Let's get creative with LEGO Rebuild The World.  With a little optimistic creativity, we can all build towards a better version of the world and give more people access to a world of play through LEGO bricks. Take part today!

LEGO Singapore would like to see you share your LEGO builds of a reimagined world via Facebook and/or Instagram.  The LEGO Group has pledged S$2,000 of LEGO products to selected local charities for every 50 build submissions shared.

All you do to make a difference is share your LEGO build publicly using your personal account with the hashtags #RebuildTheWorld#BuildToGiveSG and #LEGO until 15th November 2020. 

Charities involved:

YWCA Singapore

Epworth Community Services

Arc Children's Centre

Care Corner

Children's Aid Society


Be inspired by these iconic Singapore sights:

Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles

Singapore Cable Car


Rebuild broken things into unique masterpieces - LEGO TSUGI

Kintsugi or Golden Repair is a 400+ year old Japanese art of pottery repair that honours the artifact's imperfections by highlighting them in gold instead of hiding them.

LEGO TSUGI is a way to mend broken everyday objects in your home and transforming them into art pieces using your LEGO bricks. Be  sustainable and creative.

Be inspired by these rebuilt art pieces:

You can use your existing LEGO bricks or get the LEGO Classic Bricks Bricks Plates (11717) to begin your journey to #RebuildTheWorld!