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Meet the Magical Madrigal Family from Disney's Encanto! | LEGO® MINIFIGURE(S) OF THE MONTH December 2021

Bring the magic into your casita (house) with the latest LEGO Disney's Encanto sets!

Fantastical and magical, each character's LEGO Minifigure shines in their own way.

Alma Madrigal

"But let's be clear, Abuela runs this show, whoa
She led us here so many years ago, whoa
And every year our family blessings grow"

The matriarch of the family looks stunning in her LEGO Mini-doll figure. Her skin tone shines with the contrast to her fuchsia dress with butterfly details. Her gray hair is made up in a neat bun.

Antonio Madrigal

The youngest Madrigal comes as a cute micro-doll. He has a bright yellow and orange outfit. His big curly hair is almost as big as he is! As an animal-lover, he is seen with the adorable capybara Chispi.


"One strong, one graceful
Perfect in every way
Grows a flower, the town goes wild
She's a perfect golden child
(Luisa! Luisa! Luisa! Luisa!)
And Luisa's super strong
The beauty and the brawn do no wrong"

Luisa Madrigal

The eldest of the three sisters, Luisa, is strong and brawny but her mini-doll is still cute. She has her purple dress and shoes on and her brown hair is neatly tied, ready for her to do some heavy-lifting.

Isabela Madrigal

The beautiful Isabela is as pretty as the flower she grows. Her hair has a pink flower element and her lilac dress is also filled with flowers. 

Mirabel Madrigal

Mirabel's mini-doll is as unique as she is in her family. Her wavy hair, face print with round glasses, and detailed dress makes her stand-out. Much like her character, her outfit, filled with flowers, butterflies, and animals, is vibrant and colourful. It also shows her loyalty to her family with the 'Madrigal' print.


Experience the magic of the Madrigal house with LEGO Disney's Encanto sets!