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Mini Builds of Huge LEGO Sets by Artist Tiago Catarino

As more and more large-scale LEGO sets gets released, LEGO Memes on "What I Want versus What I Can Afford" or "What I Want versus What I Have Space For" have become a long-running joke amongst LEGO fans.


Source: Brickfinder


As a well-respected LEGO Artist and former LEGO Designer, Tiago Catarino's Youtube Channel is now the go-to place to look for tutorials on how to build mini versions of these popular huge LEGO sets.

Take a look at these awesome builds from this talented LEGO fan and be inspired to create your own!


WATCH: Mini LEGO AT-AT Tutorial

WATCH: Mini LEGO Home Alone Tutorial

WATCH: Mini LEGO Titanic Tutorial

WATCH: Mini LEGO Super Mario Question Mark Block Tutorial


Whether you are looking to satisfy your LEGO cravings while saving up to get the large-scale LEGO sets, to save space, or to challenge yourself. We hope Tiago's ideas inspire you to get creative and fun with your LEGO bricks!

Check out these LEGO Classic and LEGO DOTS sets to get you started: