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LEGO® Marvel Eternals Minifigures Explained

The long awaited Marvel Eternals film premiered in Singapore earlier this month. Marvel fans are not the only ones buzzing with excitement as literature fans were also quick to notice that the characters' names are based on popular literary characters.

Adult Fans of LEGO can also now join in the action as we find out what makes these Eternal beings' LEGO Minifigures special.



Ikaris is one of the most powerful members of the Eternals. His powers include strength, flight (he is said to be the origin of Icarus - the boy who flew too close to the sun) and firing energy beams out of his eyes.

His LEGO Minifigure has appeared more frequently in different sets than any other character. It is of no wonder as his blue uniform with intricate metallic highlight details look stunning. His accessories are two daggers (though it's not like he needs them with his super strength).



Ajak is the leader of the Eternals who communicates with the celestial Arishem, and also acts like a mother-figure for them. Her power is healing.

Her LEGO Minifigure has long wavy hair and a flesh tone which reflects the beauty of the actress who portrayed the character, Salma Hayek. Along with Sersi, these two minifigures are designed to resemble their actress counterparts. Her costume is also blue but her cape/dress with gold sleeves is shown in the details. She wields a long spear which we see her yield briefly in the film.



Sersi is shown to be the warm-hearted Eternal who connects with humans the most. Her power is matter manipulation or transformation.

Her green outfit with a skirt at the bottom stands out amongst the Eternals LEGO Minifigures just like in the movie. Her accessory is a sword.



Kingo's LEGO Minifgure reflects his Bollywood legacy in the film. Much like a famous actor, his purple outfit with gold details is luxurious. As his power is firing projectile energy blasts, he gets two orange energy blasts as his accessories.



Thena is known to be the deadliest warrior of the Eternals much like the Goddess of War, Athena.


Her LEGO Minifigure is just as elegant with a beautiful face print, luscious blond hair, and a golden armour. As she has the power to manifest any handheld weapon, her staff and spear accessory can be interchanged with any other weapon that comes with the LEGO Marvel Eternals LEGO sets. Thena’s weapons made their original appearance in the LEGO Ninjago theme and this is this first time they have been seen outside of that theme.



Thena's best buddy and guardian, Gigamesh has super strength that can only be matched by Thanos. His power is represented by his his huge fists, which can be attached to his normal LEGO Minifigure hands. To distinguish him further one of his fists is partially transparent.


His face also shows his rough and strong character with a 5 o'clock shadow or beard. Like all of the Eternals his uniform extends down to featuring printed legs.



Makkari the speedster of the Eternals, has a beautiful curly hair tied in a ponytail which was a new element introduced this year. Her red and grey uniform is true to her onscreen style.



Phastos is the genius of the Eternals, responsible for most of civilization's advanced technologies. His uniform shows a great combination of purple, dark blue, and light grey all the way down to his shoes. His afro and bearded face reflects the character in the film. As he is an inventor and engineer who can create and manipulate things with his hands, he does not come with any weapon accessories.



Druig's ability is manipulating people's minds and he wishes to eradicate hate or wars amongst humankind which is against the orders of Arishem.


His rebellious nature is shown in his sleek black outfit with red and metallic silver details.



Don't be fooled by her young appearance. Sprite is actually the same age as the other Eternals, with the power to create illusions that can even confuse her fellow Eternals.

Her LEGO Minifigure has short legs to distinguish her from her comrades similar to the film. But her teal coloured detailed costume is very eye-catching. She also comes with her dagger weapons as accessories.


Collect them all and recreate the intense action between eternal beings as shown in the film Marvel, The Eternals.