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Sidekick turned Vigilante: Nightwing™

Dick Grayson, previously known as Robin, is an ally of Batman and the first teenager to make up the younger half of Batman’s Dynamic Duo. Sidekick no more, he is now known and revered as the super vigilante: Nightwing™.

Like most superheroes, Nightwing™ has an impressive set of skills and abilities, some of which are only accessible in the Nightwing™ costume which possesses special weaponry for more crime-fighting adventures. Nightwing™'s agile reflexes was a product of his family of acrobats known as the "Flying Graysons".

Dressed in a reserved blue, yellow and black outfit, this minifigure comes with an exclusive hair piece with blue googles, cape, armor and a 1x1 round piece with a bat logo in it. 

Rumor has it that there might be an upcoming movie featuring this awesome superhero. Hopefully so, because we are all looking forward to it. 

Get this unique exclusive superhero minifigure in the new & upcoming LEGO® 70922 The Joker Manor, RRP S$449.90. 

This set will be available from 1 December. Pre-order and guarantee a set now at https://www.bricksworld.com/collections/new-launches/products/70922

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