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LEGO Certified Stores (Bricks World) Technic Tuesday Challenges

LEGO® Technic
In comparison to other LEGO® themes, the LEGO® Technic products are often characterized by the presence of special pieces, such as gears, axles, and pins and even include other special pieces such as beams and plates with holes in them, through which the axles could be installed. 

This series creates more advanced models with complex technical functions, expanding  on the simpler brick-building properties of normal LEGO.

LEGO Technic Tuesday Challenges
With the goal of introducing & increasing product knowledge of LEGO® Technic products to more people, here at LEGO Certified Stores (Bricks World) we have been organizing LEGO Technic Tuesday flash events to create a fun, hands-on product experience for you.  And prizes for the most successful challengers!

Have you had a chance to participate in any of our LEGO Technic Tuesday Challenges?

Let us share some of the exciting TLEGO echnic Tuesday challenges we have held thus far!

Starting with “Are you the fastest RC Tracked Racer?”.  Participants had to control and maneuver the LEGO® Technic RC Tracked Racer to complete the race track within their personal best time.

It was exhilarating watching everyone doing their best to keep the racer on track against the clock. The top 3 winners, those with the best timing were rewarded with attractive prizes!

The 2nd Challenge was “The Furthest Jumping Stunt Truck”. Held outside our Suntec store, we challenged participants to activate the LEGO® Technic pull-back racer, hurdle it over the stunt ramp and overcome an obstacle. Participants who were able to hurdle the stunt ramp and fly the truck over the furthest away obstacles walked away with an $80 LEGO Certified Stores (Bricks World) Voucher!

Our most recent LEGO Technic Tuesday challenge, was “Can you control the LEGO® Technic Telehandler?”. Participants were given one minute to pick up as many loose LEGO bricks as possible and transport them using the 4 controlling points of the Telehandler.

This challenge was no easy feat, but we still saw a handful of participants managing to transport over thirty bricks! The winner was able to transport an impressive record of forty-four bricks in a minute!


The three LEGO® Technic sets used in the past challenges were:

1) 42065 RC Tracked Racer, RRP $149.90 - https://bricksworld.com/collections/technic/products/42065
2) 42059 Stunt Truck, RRP $39.90 -
3) 42061 Telehandler, RRP $59.90

If you wish to find out more on the complete range of LEGO Technic products, please refer to this link - https://bricksworld.com/collections/technic

Seeing all the LEGO Technic Tuesday challenges above, do you have a favorite? Share and let us know! If you have an idea for a LEGO Technic Challenge, please share with us by writing to contactus@bricksworld.com. Your contribution may become a future LEGO Technic Tuesday Challenge!

The next LEGO Technic Tuesday will be held on 17 October at our Suntec store, from 6pm to 8.30pm.   

For those who missed out on the LEGO Technic Tuesday challenges so far and/or if you are keen to join us in our next LEGO Technic Tuesday, do write in to register@bricksworld.com to pre-register. Please also check back on our Facebook, in-store calendar & website regularly for more updates and details on the LEGO Technic Tuesday events!

We look forward to seeing you in our next LEGO Technic Tuesday! 

Bricks World Storemaster