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Welcome Prosperity with The God of Wealth | LEGO® MINIFIGURE OF THE MONTH JANUARY 2022

恭喜发财 (Gōng xǐ fā cái)! Bring good fortune to your home with The God of Wealth!

A prominent figure during the Lunar New Year festivities, the God of Wealth is widely believed to bestow good luck into one's home and business. Thus, he is one of the most notable scenes featured in the LEGO® Lunar New Year Traditions (80108) set.




The God of Wealth's LEGO® Minifigure is intricately detailed and replicates the figure we know very well. He has a luscious mustache, ornate headgear with a printed Chinese coin, and his outfit is also printed with a traditional Chinese design that has golden accents.

His beard can be removed to show that his face is also printed with a mustache.

He can be displayed on his stage holding a Chinese gold ingot and ang bao (red envelope) to represent the prosperity he brings.


Lunar New Year Module

He stands surrounded with red tiles for prosperity and white clouds adding to the mystical vibe of his module. In front, there's a '喜迎財神' (Happily Welcoming the God of Wealth) sticker. There are also various golden objects piled in a red cauldron and littered in front of the deity, including Chinese gold ingots ( built using a LEGO® hotdog bun element!) which was an ancient form of currency and now an icon of wealth in China.

It also features a '招财进宝' scroll which loosely translates to bring in wealth and treasure as well as a red lantern with a printed Tiger illustration representing this year's zodiac.



HUAT this Lunar New Year with the LEGO® Lunar New Year Traditions (80108)!

Bring abundance to your home and pass down traditions to the future generations!