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Chinese New Year Creations Inspired by Zodiac and Mythology | LEGO Building Ideas

The Lunar New Year festivity has always revolved around the idea of bringing families together and having fun. While everyone is getting all excited for this upcoming festive season, let's take a step back and explore some lore behind it.

Traditions such as the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs and displays of mythological creatures such as the beast Nian have all originated from captivating folklores. We can do our part to pass down these traditions to the future generation with some creative LEGO builds you can try at home.


Chinese Zodiac


Though they are now used to foretell your fortune for the year, the 12 animals were actually winners of a race meant to create a time measurement for people.

Check out these roar-some creations by LEGO fans Mitsuru Nikaido and CK HO for the year of the tiger! 


Legend of Nian and Lion Dances


According to ancient Chinese legend, there was a sea creature called Nian that would eat all the villagers' food and knock down their houses! The townspeople then started decorating their houses with red items and set off loud firecrackers to scare him off which later on became a custom that is practiced to this day.

In Chinese culture, the lion symbolizes power, wisdom, and superiority which is why it was chosen as the symbol of the ritual in chasing away evil spirits. Thus, Lion Dances are performed to bring good luck and prosperity.

Check out these roar-some creations by LEGO fans Jonas Kramm and Vlad Lisin to represent these magnificent creatures! 


Rituals and Traditions

Build as a family and capture the excitement of Lunar New Year family traditions with these LEGO® sets. Each scene brings the festive rituals and traditions to life which will keep children interested in learning them.