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What's Trending | Embarking on an Adventure: Introducing LEGO® Minecraft® The Pirate Ship Voyage (21259)


Embarking on an Adventure: Introducing LEGO® Minecraft® The Pirate Ship Voyage (21259)

Ahoy there, LEGO and Minecraft enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce that a new and exciting addition to the LEGO® Minecraft® universe has just set sail: The Pirate Ship Voyage (21259). This action-packed playset, designed by the talented @mrmaxxwell, also known as u/MMBMaxx on Reddit, marks his first creation as a LEGO designer and it’s already making waves on the shelves and in the hearts of fans worldwide.

The Pirate Ship Voyage is not just any LEGO set; it’s a gateway to endless adventures and imaginative play. This set features two dynamic pirate figures ready to embark on thrilling escapades aboard their buildable pirate ship. The ship itself, with its iconic red and white sails, echoes the timeless charm of classic LEGO pirate sets, delighting long-time collectors and new fans alike. One enthusiastic fan shared on Reddit,

"As a guy who has had the black seas barracuda on his shelf since 1992, I love the red & white sails!!! Congrats!"

But the excitement doesn’t stop at the ship. The set also includes a buildable squid and the first-ever appearance of an adult LEGO Minecraft camel, a unique and exciting addition that broadens the scope for creative play. The camel, complete with a 2-seat saddle, allows both pirates to ride together to their next desert adventure, adding a new layer of fun and interaction. As one Reddit user on Maxx’s post put it,

"I like how the ship is a miniaturized version of the one from the set with the skull island."

In addition to these main elements, the set comes with an array of accessories such as a fish, map, iron sword, and a cactus, all designed to inspire imaginative storytelling and adventures. These components not only enhance the play experience but also make this set a versatile addition to any LEGO Minecraft collection, allowing for seamless integration with other sets.

Ready to set sail on your own LEGO® Minecraft® adventure? Get the LEGO® Minecraft® The Pirate Ship Voyage (21259) today and start your journey towards endless imaginative play!


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