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What's Trending | Alternate Build for the LEGO® Marvel Hulkbuster (76210)


Alternate Build for the LEGO® Marvel Hulkbuster (76210)

by @ransom_fern

credits to @ransom_ferm

LEGO® Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) captures the scale and power of the Hulkbuster MK44 from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was Tony Stark's forty-fourth Iron Man suit, made with the help of Bruce Banner. Created solely for the purpose of restraining Hulk, it is a modular suit that Stark donned while already in another armor, such as the Mark XLIII.

As we know how much LEGO fans love doing modifications to their builds, now is when the fun begins!

Shout out to @ransom_fern, who created an alternate build for the LEGO® Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) without using any extra parts or pieces. It remains the playability of the original version where LEGO® Marvel Iron Man Figure (76206) can be fit into it. It is also fully jointed where all parts of the buildable Iron Man are articulated, so you can move, position and pose the armour just like the real thing.

Let's have a look at this amazing alternate build!

All images credit to @ransom_fern

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