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What's Trending | A Great Idea to Repurpose Your Old LEGO® Boxes


A Great Idea to Repurpose Your Old LEGO® Boxes!

by u/Randommx5

credits to u/Randommx5

Have you come to a point in your LEGO journey where you had built quite a number of different LEGO sets and have them boxes stored up in various places around the house?

More than often, LEGO collectors run out of space to store their empty boxes and run into this dilemma of whether to keep or toss their empty boxes. It's a painful decision one has to make when storage spaces are running out.

Well well well, we found a great idea shared by u/Randommx5 where he cuts and frames his old LEGO boxes! They immediately become decorative pieces of art and an awesome way of showing off one's LEGO collection when spaces are limited. 

Let's enjoy these pieces of art at a fraction of the cost of the sets! 🤩

All images credit to u/Randommx5

Starts decorating your walls with LEGO boxes now and share it with us by tagging us!

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