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What's Trending | I Built a Car Transporter MOC by u/IBrickedItUp


"I Built a Car Transporter"

by u/IBrickedItUp

u/IBrickedItUp, also a MOC designer, who enjoys building vehicles and buildings, shared his car transporter build in Reddit and got high compliments from other users. We see it as a perfect compliment to your LEGO® Fast and Furious rides, or are there more than meets the eye?😉

His build was inspired by the LEGO® City Car Transporter (60305), which he used the stickers from the set and a similar color scheme. Guess what? It is also minifigure compatible! 

All photos credit to u/IBrickedItUp

Besides sharing his build in Reddit, he also shared most of his MOC builds with steps by steps instruction in Rebrickable. Which builds are your favorite's among the MOC builds? 

Click HERE to get instructions for this awesome build!



Create an account at

STEP 2  

Search the MOC build or  alternate build you wish to build and add the sets that you own in your profile. 

E.g: Search "car transporter" within the search box on Rebrickable's website 


If you don't have all the parts needed to complete the build, you can always use your resourcefulness to substitute with other parts! But Rebrickable also lists down where you can buy the parts that you lack.

Do you like building cool LEGO® MOC and are you a real LEGO® fan? 

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