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What's Trending | I Made A Gigachad MOC By @hachiroku24



By @hachiroku24

credits to @hachiroku24

 "I make videos building all my LEGO creations so everyone can see them the same way as I do."

@hachiroku24 is a well respected LEGO® MOC designer and mainly uses his youtube channel to share his MOC builds. He has gained 383k subscribers to his channel and has 646 videos under his belt. This time, he's sharing how he built his Gigachad! 

For those who do not know what is a "Gigachad", it's a very popular internet slang that describes an extremely muscular man, sometimes sarcastic or humorous and often used in memes.


 Watch & enjoy how it comes to life! Through hard training of course =)

Do you like building cool LEGO® MOC and are you a real LEGO® fan?

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