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What's Trending | LEGO® Endor™ Speeder Chase 75353: Kinetic Sculpture Transformation


LEGO® Endor™ Speeder Chase 75353: Kinetic Sculpture Transformation

by @jkbrickworks

credits to @jkbrickworks

Big applause to @jkbrickworks for making this fascinating modifications of LEGO® Star Wars™ Endor™ Speeder Chase Diorama (75353). He has transformed the set from a static display model into an enchanting kinetic sculpture.

By incorporating a crank mechanism at the base of the model, he brings life and movement to the scene, capturing the thrilling pursuit through the dense forest on the forest moon of Endor.

Let's watch the video below to find out how he made it!

A successful kinetic sculpture not only captures motion but also narrates a story. As the speeders move in sync, we could imagine the daring pursuit through the forest, evoking fond memories of the film. Also, making the display more than just a visual spectacle!

Get the sets now to transform it into a kinetic sculpture


Relive the excitement of the Endor Speeder Chase scene from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi


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