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Activities for a fun-filled LEGO® Playdate! | LEGO Building Ideas

Looking for inspiration for your next family and friends bonding sessions? Look no further as we have some great ideas for you!

To encourage parents and children to spend quality time together to build and rebuild, The LEGO® Group launched an exciting YouTube Live series called 'LEGO Playdate (Holiday Edition)", with weekly building contests and giveaways.

Check out these creative builds from fellow Singapore LEGO® fans who participated in the building contests!

Everyday Useful Objects

In LEGO Playdate's Episode 1, host Cordelia shared her DIY LEGO Tablet/Phone Holder and encouraged fans to use their LEGO bricks to build everyday useful objects.

Unbuild and rebuild. Use your LEGO bricks at home for functional builds you can use such as pen holders, toothbrush holders, picture frame, a keepsake box, and more!








LEGO Playdate Episode 2 focused on building 'Simple Machines'. We even saw how Singaporean LEGO fans from Titans Creation built their very own LEGO Great Ball Contraption.

Pick up some bricks, gear up your creativity, and drive through your passion for gears into building your own LEGO vehicle!








Technology in Play

LEGO Playdate Episode 5 showed us advanced LEGO sets that teaches children coding, robotics and other fun sets that integrate technology for a dynamic play experience.

Growing up with technology is now a part of the childhood experience. Let's see how local LEGO fans interpret their love for tech into their LEGO builds!








Holidays & Gifting

In LEGO Playdate's Episode 6, Cordelia showed us how fun and easy it is to decorate with LEGO DOTS.

Gifting is effortless if you love the person you're gifting to and so is building with LEGO bricks. Building and creating is effortless if you enjoy unlocking the endless potential every brick brings!






Feeling inspired?

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Join in the fun and upload your builds in Instagram! Tag us @legocertifiedstoresbricksworld to stand a chance to be featured in our upcoming blogs.