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Challenge Ideas for your LEGO Super Mario

Build your own custom courses and compete to see who can collect the most coins within 60 seconds. Enjoy the nostalgic thrill of completing challenge courses you have designed yourself!


Develop your own game with custom levels

Be a game designer and use each LEGO Super Mario set to develop a unique game.


You can start simple with the standard Adventures with Mario Starter Course (71360).

Then you can use each expansion set to add more difficulty to your course.


+ Super Mushroom Surprise Expansion Set (30385)


+ Mario's House & Yoshi Expansion Set (71367)


+ Character Packs (71361)

Make it more exciting by adding more enemies for LEGO Mario to defeat!


+ Mario Power-Up Packs

Suit Mario up with a power-up pack to give him extra skills such as flying, fire, smash, and climb to earn even more coins!


Earn as many coins as possible as you defeat each enemy, jump on blocks, and complete side challenges. Challenge your friends and family to see who can score the most coins on every level!


Check out Nintendo Minute's Custom Build + Coin Challenge



Bonus Challenges

Get creative and build your own bonus challenges.


Grass Challenge


Fire Challenge


Water Challenge


Check out Jus2Good's LEGO Mario Flash Series

Watch as he creates elaborate custom courses and try to recreate them yourself!


Participate in LEGO Super Mario Weekly Challenges!

You'll never run out of ideas. Simply browse through the unique creations by other players or participate in the app's weekly challenge.


Build the tallest course


We'd love to see your own custom LEGO Super Mario courses. Share it with us on Facebook (@BricksWorld) or Instagram (@legocertifiedstoresbricksworld)!


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