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Designer Video | LEGO Creator Expert 10273 Haunted House



LEGO DESIGNER: Carl Merriam, Mike Psiaki, Niek van Slagmaat
Special Consultant: 8 year-old Oliver Merriam


Welcome to Manor von Barron

A Gothic-style mansion owned by Sam Sinister or most well known as Baron von Barron is one of the greatest LEGO super villains of all time from the 1998 LEGO Theme - Adventurers. He traveled all over the world stealing all kinds of different artifacts.

The Face of Sphinx

The Idol of Everest

The Orb of OGEL


Enter if you dare

The house opens up, making it easy to explore inside!



Enter through the haunted front doors that can open by themselves, a spooky Organ of Catarino, the ticket stand for the main attraction, the Forbidden Skeleton altar in the attic (who knows what it was originally for...), gray frogs for gargoyles, and many more spookily good details.


A Haunted House Theme Park Ride and the main attraction is a free fall tower. With the help of physics a a new LEGO flywheels element, the ride is able to go all the way to the top of the tower and give its riders a heart-dropping thrill!


 The set includes ghosts, spooky twin attendants, adrenaline-seeking visitors. The ride is open to all, even a guy on a wheelchair who is holding a ticket numbered 0937 which when upside reads LEGO!


Unlock a mystery with every brick

Long-time LEGO fans can also discover a treasure trove of references from the 1998 LEGO Adventurers, LEGO Castle, and LEGO Alpha Team themes!

The Face of Sphinx

The Yellow Artefact

The Head of Anubis

A portrait of the baron being forever cursed by the mummy after he stole the Regal ruby

The Orb of OGEL

A emblem tile with a bat, helmet, and number 6007 in roman numeral as a reference to LEGO Fright Nights


There are even some fun references to former LEGO Designer Tiago Catarino. He gave a few tips to designer Carl Merriam as he actually plays organ. The tombstone may be a fun way to pay homage as Tiago has already left his job as a LEGO Designer to go back to his home country, Portugal, with his family.



 Now it's time for you to bring the terror to life with your very own LEGO® Creator Expert 10273 Haunted House