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Find the Fun in Staying in with LEGO Bricks

With tuition classes cancelled and working from home being the norm we’re all spending a lot more time at home.  What better time to break out your LEGO bricks and start some fun family building time.

Here are some fun ways to brick the joy of building into your day!


What can you build with 15 bricks?

This is the challenge some LEGO fans took on during the March School holiday Playcation. Each day we published a new theme.  The rules were simple, 15 elemeents or less and they must be LEGO bricks.

Get some inspiration from the builds below    What would you build for each theme?




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Click here for more Travel Building Inspirations 






Click here for more Animals Building Inspirations 




Click here for more Space Building Inspirations 


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Looking for more challenges? Try out this 30 day LEGO Challenge Calendar by Danielle of Fun Learning for kids 


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Home Learning with Explained with LEGO Bricks  Series

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 "Recyclable, re-useable, sustainable.  With LEGO bricks you can build a new toy every day."