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Geography - build the world with LEGO bricks

Brain engaging ways to learn using LEGO bricks.   Learn about continents, water cycles, soil horizons, volcanoes...

It's a big topic, so start with the biggest, continents.  How many are there? 
Where are they?  What are they called?  What do the look like?  Build them with your bricks, here's some handy mosaics from childhood101.com to help explain the major landmasses of our world and learn their shapes.


Moving to the next level, countries.  How many are there in the world?  Use LEGO bricks to help children learn the flags of the major countries.  They're a great visual learning tool and you can use them as part of a quiz or bingo game later to reinforce the learning through even more fun.

Credit momgineer.blogspot.com

Once you have the basics nailed it's time to look at some of the more micro subjects.  Did you know that many of your Minecraft pieces can be used to create models of soil horizons?  Teaching children how the earth was formed, layer by layer and what each layer means for the climate at the time.

Littlebinsforlittlehands does a great article on soil layers and created this fabulous model to demonstrate.

Similarly, watercycles can be brought to life in 3D and form the basis for further discussions on the interconnectivity of water and land, how water causes erosion, determined where humans decided to settle and how it contributes to life, human, plant and animal, all over the earth.

Credit: kcedventures.com

So, we've looked at some forces that created the earth and contribute towards life on it.  How about some of the more destructive forces?


Once you've watched the video, use your LEGO bricks to build a volcano of your own, get some mentos and some coke and create a volcanic reaction!   Here's an idea for building it from littlebindsforlittlehands.com

Weather forms part of the study of geography as it has affected the formation of the earth and the life that thrives upon it in different places.  As well as building clouds, suns and rainbows with your bricks to demonstrate the weather, check out this video below on the seasons.

Our planet is a fascinating and ever evolving place, ignite your child's interest in the world around them and bring their learning to life through play using bricks you have at home.

If you're looking for other things to do with LEGO bricks, follow the LEGO 16 plate challenge