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LEGO 16 Plate Challenge - Wk3 Architecture

Working from home and managing home based learning? Take a break from gadgets, set your schedule aside for a moment and have some screen free family time!  

Introducing the LEGO 16 Plate Challenge: A weekly way to take some time out and play.

Simply build a mini scene on a 16x16 stud LEGO base plate to fit the week's theme. Play well and stand a chance to win a $50 Bricks World voucher!


Staying indoors make us appreciate our environment and surroundings more. Being cooped up makes us reminiscent of our fun memories going around beautiful countries and appreciating wonderful architecture. It is then no wonder how many LEGO fans took inspiration from buildings and structure they know well such as an HDB Block, world famous landmarks like Marina Bay Sands and aerial view of Singapore, dream home and many more! There were 2 stand out submissions that both deserved to win!


Week 3
Theme: Architecture

Winner: @princessannlegoseriess

Winner: @deequackshot



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