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LEGO 16 Plate Challenge - Wk2 Easter

Working from home and managing home based learning? Take a break from gadgets, set your schedule aside for a moment and have some screen free family time!  

Introducing the LEGO 16 Plate Challenge: A weekly way to take some time out and play.

Simply build a mini scene on a 16x16 stud LEGO base plate to fit the week's theme. Play well and stand a chance to win a $50 Bricks World voucher!


Easter was celebrated around the world indoors yesterday. Everyone has their own way of observing this holiday whether it's to rejoice in Christ's resurrection or a fun easter egg hunt for little ones. We saw a bunch of cute bunny LEGO Minifigures, easter egg hunts, easter egg painting contest, and even an easter bunny mech!

Week 2
Theme: Easter

Winner: @thebrickasaurus



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