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Using LEGO bricks to support literacy

Learning with LEGO bricks - Using LEGO bricks to support literacy

Before a child learns to read they need to learn about sounds, words and language.  The most common way to do this is through books and reading, but the most effective way to learn anything at all is to use different forms of learning.  LEGO bricks are an excellent tool for visual and kinesthetic learners, allowing children to learn through play and interaction.

Literacy starts early with learning about the alphabet, use the DUPLO Alphabet Truck to show your child the letters, teach them the order and sounds and to point out letters while singing the alphabet song.  Taking it one step further, children can then use the alphabet blocks to spell out simple 2, 3 and 4 letter words like bed, cat, want, the, it, at…  Doing this supports the learning of sight words, a crucial skill for early readers.



Credit: wildflowerramblings.com

Once they get the hang of this and recognise letters older children can use LEGO bricks to build letters and to retell stories.  By retelling them children build understanding.  Check out this LEGO inspired story retelling of The Hungry Caterpillar by theeducatorsspinonit.com to get you started - https://theeducatorsspinonit.com/lego-inspired-story-retelling-of-very/

Telling stories isn’t just limited to books.  Creating stories is a fun part of learning about how they work.   Get your child to build something and talk to you about; what they are building, who are the characters, what are they doing, why have they chosen to build this?,  are all key questions to help your child discover how to construct a tale.  My DUPLO First sets are small, simple and a great way to get children talking about the things that they are experiencing and that interest them. 

Once they start writing they can build something and then write about it.  Start simple, writing one word or a sentence about a build and then create a story from there.  How about using some of the existing LEGO 16 plate challenge builds as inspiration?

LEGO Gardens

Using physical tools makes learning fun and gives your child visual cues to help develop their skills.

As children get older they can move into the world of stop motion stories, creating actual video stories to support English, Social Studies, History, science…

Here’s a short example from Picklebums

 Looking for more fun activities to do at home?  Take part in the LEGO 16x16 plate challenge each week.