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LEGO® MINIFIGURE OF THE MONTH April | Wonder Woman Golden Eagle Armor

DC's Wonder Woman sequel 1984 shows major transformations in Diana Prince's life. One of the most exciting part for fans is her Golden Eagle Armor. The Amazonian armor first appeared in the 1996 Elseworlds: Kindom Come comic book series. A symbol of war, Diana puts it on to embrace her Spartan side and enter the throes of battle. From then on, it has been a great signal of an intense battle ahead.


The LEGO Minifigure version does not disappoint and looks very majestic. Shimmering in gold, she catches the attention immediately. Her helmet with lustrous wavy hair is a new element and is made in the likeness of an eagle head. The details of her helmet and torso print which has a subtle yet elegant eagle on the chest, as well as her golden lasso, are a good replica of the actual costume from the movie. Her wide wings makes the costume even more powerful but it is attachable from the neck area which makes it easy to remove for other role-play scenarios.



The LEGO DC 76157 Wonder Woman™ vs Cheetah set also includes a translucent arm element to make Diana pose in flight which allows for an epic action-packed battle.
Add some wonder to your stay at home with the newly launched LEGO® DC 76157 Wonder Woman™ (RRP $69.90)