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Let's party, indoors, at home, with LEGO Bricks!

Let's throw a party for the long weekend.

Step 1 - Decorate your home - it's easier than you think!

Time to occupy the children, get out the coloured paper (or if you only have white paper, colour it in).  To create the idea of LEGO bricks you can either cut out the same coloured circles from another piece of paper and stick them on with glue sticks or draw them on with a pencil.  Then stick them on your walls or attach them to wool or string to make a LEGO brick banner.

Credit: thescrapshoppeeblog

Use your existing bricks to build a LEGO napkin holder and a cutlery holder for your party food table



Get some yellow paper cups and draw minifigure expressions on them with a sharpie.  Simply copy faces from your favourite minifigures.

If you have a coloured table cloth use that, or create one with some craft paper, paint and LEGO bricks.  Get stamping.

Credit: rockingboys.com

And top it off with a LEGO cake stand built at home and topped with a baseplate.


Finally, blow up some yellow and red balloons and hang them around the place.

What's a party without decent party food.  Check out these inspo ideas to feed your crew.

2) LEGO Party food

If you have any LEGO baking molds at home, then this part is super easy, just use 'em.  But, if like most you don't, here's how to get into the LEGO vibe.

No party is complete without cakes.  Your favourite cupcake recipe can be transformed into LEGO cupcakes either by decorating with coloured icing sugar, or adding homemade coloured fondant toppers or simply by using themed coloured cupcake holders.


Credit: fabeveryday

M&M's, skittles and smarties are great for creating toppers for LEGO parties as they are perfectly LEGO stud shaped.

These work well on top of brownies, cupcakes, rice krispie cakes, iced cookies the choice is endless.

Credit: wholepartysupplies

For more savoury foods, the party staple of pizza can easily be transformed into LEGO themed by cutting it into squares or rectangles and adding circles of pepperoni, tomatoes, pineapple... Anything round basically.

Credit: wonderkidsuk

And fruit comes in many LEGO colours, yellow bananas and pineapple, red strawberries, tomatoes and watermelon, orange oranges, so feel free to add some 'healthier' LEGO themed snacks to your table.

credit: mykidstime

Finally, add colour by filling bowls with single colour candies in LEGO's most common colours

We've decorated, we've got food covered.  Time to set up the games.  Another great time to involve the children - Party Games

Pin the LEGO minifig head on the LEGO minifigure

Simply print out a LEGO minifigure template from  the many available on-line, or if you're feeling creative or don't have access to a printer, draw one.  Separately print or draw a minifigure head, cut it out and you're ready to go.


LEGO Baseplate Race

It couldn't get any simpler.  Get a baseplate for each player.  Make sure they're the same size.  Give each player a box of bricks and challenge them to be the fastest to cover the entire baseplate with bricks.

Credit: frugalfunforboys

LEGO spoon race

Give each person a pile of bricks and a spoon.  Challenge them to transfer their bricks from one bowl to another using the spoon.  Or challenge them to a LEGO brick and spoon race.  Or up the challenge by getting them to use chopsticks!

Some other ideas include: 

1. LEGO Pictionary - Get one person to build something out of bricks, the rest have to race to guess what they are building! 

2. LEGO Car race - challenge each person to build a LEGO car, then create a ramp using a chair or step stool and some cardboard and see which goes furthest

3.  Build a LEGO tower and see who can knock it down

Have an awesome LEGO party!