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Friday Family Fun - build some quality time together

Staying home this Friday evening?  These minute to win it games are perfect for a bit of pre or post dinner family fun.  All you need are some LEGO bricks, a timer, some bowls, chopsticks and a sense of fun.  You could even video call friends and play with them.

Chopstick Challenge

Give every player a bowl of LEGO bricks, an empty bowl and some chopsticks.  Set your timer to 1 minute and GO!  

Use the chopsticks to pick up LEGO bricks and transfer them to the empty bowl.  The winner is the person who transferred the most bricks in one minute.

Credit: kidscraftroom

One brick tower challenge

Every player has one minute to build the tallest tower they can.  Sounds easy?  There's a catch!  You can only touch one LEGO brick at a time, no using a hand to steady your tower, you can only use the hand you are using to place the next brick on the tower.  The tallest tower standing at the end of the minute wins.

Source: 365 Things to do with LEGO bricks

One minute theme build

Choose a theme.  Everyone has one minute to build something to the theme.  Best build wins.  Easy themes include dinosaurs, planes, boats, houses.

LEGO challenge

Each player writes a LEGO challenge on a card.  The other players have one minute to build whatever they have written from their bricks.  The challenger chooses the winner.  Take turns to be the challenger.  Here are come challenge ideas to help you.


Pair build challenge

ok, this one is more of a 3 minute challenge.  But you'll see why in a minute.  And you'll need a book or something to hide your build behind.  Pair off into groups of 2.  One group member has to build something simple out of bricks behind the barrier so the other group member cannot see what it is.  THEN, the builder has to give their partner verbal instructions on how to build what they built.  The winning pair is the one who completed most of the mirror build or the one that is most accurate!

What will you build?  Looking for another challenge?  Join the LEGO 16 plate challenge