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Welcome to LEGO Sentosa! - Largest Diorama in Singapore with 300,000 LEGO Elements

Welcome to LEGO Sentosa!

Marvel at the sights below while seated onboard the iconic Singapore Cable Car or ride on the monorail down to Palawan Beach, the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. Take to the breeze, bounce around a beach volleyball or just sip a Singapore Sling at a tropical beach café.

And if you are feeling a little adventurous or brave, take a peek below the waves...a mysterious water kingdom awaits you!


Getting there...

Bring your car and drive over to enjoy the majestic view of the Sentosa bridge and entrance. Be prepared to calm the children down as they spot the LEGO Certified Store from afar.

Commuting? Take the monorail and spot Sandy holding up the rails from below. Don't fret! The rail is fine. He just wants to show off his muscles.

Look up as the monorail passes by to see Monkey King perched on top of the Sentosa sign. He wants to get a bird's eye view of the area to ensure everything is fine.


Want to arrive in style? Take the cable car and enjoy a great view of the fun that awaits you.


Shop and dine!

Join the festivities at the grand opening of the LEGO Certified Store (Bricks World) Resorts World Sentosa. Grab a bite at the many food options. Feel a rush of adrenaline at the skate park.

Take a relaxing stroll around the area and enjoy the music from the live band. Snap an OOTD in-front of the luxurious yacht docked at the port.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the construction! LEGO Merlion build is in progress. Want your build to be displayed here? Join our LEGO Merlion Challenge! Stand a chance to win a LEGO Mosaic Maker Set and LEGO 10232 Palace Cinema Set.


Can you spot the easter eggs?

Lots of fun details will surprise you! Be careful when you hang out by the waters as a dinosaur might suddenly pop out of the bushes. Look before you cross as Spider-Man is trying to stop the Green Goblin from causing mayhem and ruin everyone's day. Relax by the koi pond surrounded by nature and lovely bird songs.


Go all out for glamping!

Look at those lush greenery that can be viewed all the way from the Imbiah Monorail Station platform.

Join the LEGO Friends squad as they show you how glamping is done with stylish tents and everything you'll need for a weekend to remember. Go on top of the look-out to have a better view of the scenery and spot cute animals.

Up for a challenge? Join the Mountain Bike Race and get a medal.

First time campers or glampers will have a good night's sleep knowing that the LEGO Ninjago team is roaming around the woods to fight off any villains who dares to come.

More easter eggs...

Say hi to Lola Bunny as she tends to her carrot garden or help Bugs Bunny feed carrots to the animals around the area.

Spot the elusive Rainbow Bear and Tweety Bird!


Chill at the beach!

Time for some fun under the sun as you explore the wonders of Siloso Beach!

Pose with your fashionable beachwear by the Siloso mark. Go up the lookout to see beyond the Southernmost point of continental Asia. 

Hit it off at the exciting obstacles of the Hydrodash. Sip your favourite drink as you bob on top of the waters on a giant flamingo floater. Try out some water activities like windsurfing, kayaking, and surfing.

Want something more exciting? You can also try to scuba dive.

Not planning to get wet? There are also lots of activities you can do like sunbathing, beach volleyball, cruisin' on a bike, or building sandcastles.

When you're hungry, visit the famous café and bakery nearby. Maybe even try cooking your own grub by the campfire. Just be careful of the cheeky monkeys lurking nearby!

There are easter eggs here too!

There's Monkie Kid practicing his skills at the hydrodash while Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner chase each other by the monorail (expect delays!).


There are still more to discover from the diorama like the underwater level that's lying underneath all the sites you've seen above. Don't forget to visit our LEGO Certified Store (Bricks World) Resorts World Sentosa to check it out!

Let's give a round of applause to the amazing team of Titans Creations for this wonderful build! 👏👏👏 

Photo Credits: Tracelynn Tan

Watch how the largest 2-tiered LEGO diorama in Singapore was built within six weeks with behind the scene photos.